De Meyer Miche

Clinical and Scientific expertise in • Orofacial Pain and Dysfunctions and Movement Disorders • Dental Therapy for Rhonchopathy and Obstructive Sleep Apnea • Health promotion and HRM management • Dental Therapy for sports Studies (Belgium) 1974: St-Bavo-Humaniora (Ghent, Belgium): Secondary school-Latin Sciences 1982: Diploma Master in Dentistry: University of Ghent. 2004: Belgian Sleep Medicine Course (Belgian Association for Study of Sleep) 2008: Diploma Ph.D.- course in Dentistry, Ghent University 2021:Ph.D in Dentistry, VUB (Belgium), The fundamentals of Snoring: Diagnosis, pathophysiology, and treatment. Author of several articles and book chapters on Snoring, the use of MAD for snoring, Dystonia, and Bruxism.